Security Roles: More Control to Make Your Team More Efficient

By Adam Scott Posted March 21, 2021
Adam Scott
Security Roles: More Control to Make Your Team More Efficient
At Findjoo, our goal is to help our customers get the services that they need to successfully run the various online aspects of their business. That’s why we want to offer more than just a solution that handles online bookings and registrations. We want to give you the solutions that you really need to run your business. We do more for your organization, giving you the unique solutions that your business needs including features like security roles. By reading on, you can learn more about security roles and how they can help your business.
What are Security Roles?
Security roles is a feature where you can setup roles to access various features in the program for your staff. For example, you want your marketing team to handle things like emails but you don’t necessarily want them to access any CRM features. With security roles, you can set up these roles where you can limit access to every functionality that Findjoo offers. You are able to create as many roles as you need to define to make your business more efficient.
Benefits of Security Roles
Why do you need security roles? There are so many different benefits to having security roles. One of the most notable benefits is that you are able to keep things secure. You can allow certain people to access specific information, which can be very helpful in improving the security of your information. For instance, you can limit who can access any financial information in the software to only those people who need it. This ensures that your staff is in compliance with the regulations and policies that the organization has in place.
This is also incredibly beneficial because it offers more efficiency and productivity. There are a few reasons why this can make you more efficient. First of all, this helps improve the efficiency of onboarding and off-boarding procedures. You can quickly add access or take away access as you need to. This also allows your staff to be more productive. Your staff can access only the information that they need to access and nothing more. This means that they don’t have to search through different information to get their work done.
These are just a few of the benefits that our Security Roles feature offers
How to Use Security Roles
The Security Roles feature is incredibly easy to use. You just take the staff and set up the parameters for what information they can and cannot access. These security roles are easy to change as needed to ensure that your business continues to operate efficiently.
In Short, Security Roles Can:
  • Allow you to create security roles that limit access to other functions
  • Helps staff work easier without having to go through information that they don’t need.
  • Gives you an easy to set up pre-defined list of access
Security Roles is a feature that our team at Findjoo is proud to offer our customers. Try this feature today and see how it can help your business improve your efficiency and productivity.