Praxis Integration

By Adam Scott Posted October 27, 2019
Adam Scott
Here at Findjoo, we specialize in providing tailored business solutions to our clients. We want each of our users to be able to provide a high-end consumer experience, which focuses on our business – not on what is wrong on your website! Praxis integration is one such product we provide, which can help smooth the transaction process for online medical organizations.
Praxis is a Leading EMR Software Provider
The security of online EMRs is first and foremost for any medical organization that stores records in a digital format. Praxis integration in your practice will allow you to easily accept payments from any of our payment providers. This will vastly decrease the amount of time spent dealing with payment failures, or having to take card payments insecurely by phone.
As well as aiding your productivity from a payment outlook, Praxis integration in your medical organization allows for a fully aligned appointment scheduling system. When you choose to invest in Praxis integration with Findjoo, this means we will act as an appointment concierge service. There will be no need to copy and paste your appointments from your calendar into the Praxis system as we will do this for you. Our product also syncs with Google Calendar to make integration even easier!
When we transmit any sensitive data such as appointment times, patient details, or any other information on your clients, we will do so using the safest technology that we have. We use the HL7 protocol to ensure the securest handling of information is always first and foremost here at Findjoo. With HL7 we are able to effectively communicate data between medical organizations and the Praxis software system in a way which our clients never need to worry about.
There’s more to Praxis than Appointment Synchronization and Online Payments
So if you have decided to proceed with the Praxis integration – how do you actually go about doing so? If you contact us here at Findjoo we will be able to start the process of integration with you. This is as simple as starting a subscription through our site. Using our site will allow you access to a wide range of benefits. These include:
  • One transaction process for all payment types.
  • Secure handling of data and consumer EMR storage.
  • Synchronization of your calendar with Praxis.
  • Seamless integration that does not require an IT specialist to introduce.
  • Specialist software that has been designed for your business type.
  • Information sharing at the touch of a button.
So if you have been thinking of an EMR solution with online payments but don’t know if it’s right for you, we can almost promise that it will be. Praxis integration grants several software bonuses to your medical organization, and could be a viable answer to a central running program that facilitates each and every need that your business has.