Online Store Functionality Overview

By Adam Scott Posted April 23, 2022
Adam Scott
Findjoo offers a simple and user-friendly POS (point of sale) system so you can promote and sell your products, certificates, packages or anything else. The system is easy-to-use and offers a wide range of useful qualities. You can quickly integrate the POS into your website and include all your services in it. It’s an excellent solution for merchandise sales.
Through the online store, your customers can buy any type of items, be it clothing, accessories, etc. It is easy to navigate as it displays all the items by categories with multiple pictures and additional features such as sizes, colors, and, of course, price.
To get your merchandise to display as an online store, simply check the Store Display option on the Product Categories that you to display with images. You would then select any of your Store Display categories has the Single Category to be included in the Widget through our Website Integration page.
Online Store Functionality Overview
You can also track the inventory through our POS system and have it automatically updated once the product is gone. As soon as it finishes, the item won’t be available for purchase online anymore.
Your customers can close the deal in a few simple steps by simply choosing the item, identifying themselves, confirming the purchase and making a payment. No additional confirmation steps are involved.
When your customers are surfing through the items you sell, they can quickly see all the images related to the product by hovering over them and get more details about the piece they pick.
So, simplify your sales process and update your online store to be easy-to-use and user-friendly. With Findjoo online store functionality you can get every deal closed quickly with a high customer satisfaction rate.