No Password Checkouts

By Adam Scott Posted November 15, 2019
Adam Scott
No Password Checkouts
Modern times have seen digital technology become integral to our daily lives – and to the way we conduct business. We have an increasing reliance on information technology to store our data, remember things for us, and even remind us of where we are supposed to be and when.
As this reliance on technology has grown we have seen a trend towards simplifying these systems. In recent years we have seen checkout operators replaced by self-scanners, cars that open with ‘keyless entry systems’ and the introduction of the Smart home. Businesses are locked in a constantly upgrading digital world where those that can’t keep up are left by the wayside. No-password checkouts on the internet are the latest trend businesses can’t afford to miss out on… and here is why.
How Many Online Accounts Do You Have?
It’s a straight-forward question but one that many of us struggle to answer. Data studies conducted in 2015 reported that the average person has around 90 online accounts – and that was nearly five years ago! If we all followed the rules of making up a fresh password every time we register for something that would mean we each had 90 separate online account passwords to remember… it’s no wonder, then, that we often forget them all!
The name given to this inundation of account password remembrance is ‘password overload’, or ‘password fatigue’. IT specialists believe that this overloading of passwords is giving hackers all the information they need to pick and choose their way through our online data. The average email address is associated with roughly 130 different online accounts. This represents 130 opportunities that a hacker has to help themselves.
No Password Checkouts Solve Part of the Issue
No-password checkouts integrated into the payment functions on your site helps to negate some of the problem of password overload. Besides anything else, it makes the transaction process smoother and easier for each of your clients. When the payment process is hassle free and the service is good, your customers are much more likely to remember your facility fondly.
Customers who enjoy a pleasant experience on your site are much more likely to return. Some of the other benefits of a no-password checkout system involve:
  • Speed - faster transactions make both you and your clients happier.
  • Customer Loyalty – when the consumer experience is great, brand loyalty soars and you gain a regular customer
  • Security – integrated password management solutions are highly secure.
  • Fraud Prevention – adding extra security layers that are contained within no-password software actually makes the payment process simpler and safer.
The Way of the Future?
We here at Findjoo would like to formally announce that we think this is an idea of the future. In the next few years we are going to see no-password checkouts rolled out all over the internet. This will aid both the consumer experience and your business, and it may also go some way towards solving the problem of Big Data dumps. One thing is for sure though; password overload is a very real problem and no-password checkouts are a very real solution, at least until the technology evolves again.