Multi-language Interface

By Adam Scott Posted March 3, 2019
Adam Scott
You can’t deny that one great thing the Internet has done is bring everyone in the world closer together. A letter that could take days or weeks to arrive at its destination is now inferior to text messages and email that arrives within seconds. Yet, for as amazing as this feat of human engineering is, we are still struggling to adapt to some things. One of these things, I would say, is the language barrier. Language barriers are kind of tricky because not every word or phrase between two languages has an exact translation. But what is still incredible that we’ve been able to do is create multi-language interfaces to make it that much easier for people to have access to more websites.
We offer a multi-language interface system that is intuitive to the client’s primary language and will automatically translate rather than have them select their preferred language. The client can still switch languages if they need to, but having the convenience of reading a website immediately because it can pick up on what language they are using instead of having them change the language themselves can make a huge difference in their day and how they interact with your organization. It sounds like the way of the future, but it’s happening right now.
The system is very easy to set up. All you really need to do is define the primary and secondary languages, and the system will do the rest of the work for you. Then, each client can choose their preferred language from the member portal, and everything after that is a breeze. Even emails can be sent and received in both languages via the multi-language interface system.
Having a system like this can be invaluable for your current and potential clients. It shows them that you care. You understand that not everyone speaks the same language, and you want them to feel like they’re on the same level as native speakers of the country the website is coming from. They’re not an afterthought, like a drop-drown menu. They are just as important as everyone else using the site. Using this system could potentially improve your relations with various clients and foster new memberships because of it. People want to be understood and welcomed, and that’s exactly what they’ll feel like if they can access your website in any language they need, and not because they had to choose it, but because the system could provide it for them automatically.