Merge Profile

By Adam Scott Posted April 8, 2019
Adam Scott
Your members are important to you, just like how you are important to us. We want to help make life as easy for you as we can so that you can make it just as easy for your members. But that doesn’t guarantee your members will make it easy for you. We find that, even amongst our own Findjoo team, one of the most inconvenient things that can happen to a membership is having to create a new one when you know you already have an active one. Maybe the client forgot their password because they created one that’s 20 characters long and lists the Fibonacci sequence in between the letters. Or maybe they are finally moving on from that embarrassing high school email they used to sign up initially but want all their emails to go to their current email. Or even, like I’m sure we’ve all done, they decided they get too many emails and feel the need to start from scratch. The point is, everyone at one time or another will forget trivial things like passwords or feel the need to update their email. The problem that this creates, then, is they now have two or more profiles created with your organization, adding unnecessary data to your databases and redundancy and clutter in your clientele lists. Ultimately,all of this will culminate in stress for you when you try to keep all this information neat and organized, not to mention it could take a toll on your productivity and efficiency in running your organization.
Merge Profile
If you’re already starting to worry about all of these issues, then stop your worrying because we have great news for you. We have just rolled out a brand new solution to this exact kind of problem: profile merging. By being able to merge profiles, your members can bring together information from their old and new profiles, keeping it all in one place. And while it’s nice for them to keep all of their information together, it’s even greater for you to stay on top of things. Again, all of their information from different profiles are maintained and kept together. Even records of their registrations and payments are combined, making it so much easier for you to keep track of that valuable information. Plus, as an added bonus, you are able to see the earliest date the membership was created as well as the latest date the membership will end and need to be renewed.
Using this feature will greatly reduce redundancy of membership data on your end, as well as keep everything organized and help you to work more efficiently. You will also have a much more accurate view of your membership base, making it less stressful for you to manage all of that information. Not only that, but the profile merge is really simple and easy to use. It can be done in only a few clicks of your mouse, and immediately you will have a cleaner database. And isn’t that what we all really want?