Membership Add-Ons

By Adam Scott Posted May 26, 2019
Adam Scott
I don’t know about you, but I feel like with any given club or organization, there are two kinds of people. There are people who are members for a day, and then there are people who are members to stay. That’s not to say the day-long length is literal. What I mean is people like to be a part of things. They like to have memberships, and they like to belong to clubs. Likewise, clubs and organizations like to have people belong to them, and they like to keep people coming back. To do that, there’s often special perks and add-ons someone can have when they have a membership, and this is the defining line between the two kinds of people. The members for a day like to be a part of the group, but they like to main draw of the group, and they will move on pretty easily. The members who are here to stay, however, are the ones who will use more than one aspect that a membership offers, and they are more likely to keep coming back since they like what they’re getting.
The question then that arises from this is how can we make it easier for your group or club or organization to differentiate between these two kinds of people? The answer was simple. We have an auto-renewal process with add-ons where a membership is automatically charged each month or year for the extra services they are using through their membership.
How this works is you can select any number of items to be included in one’s membership. All the products which are defined in the system can be selected, and that can include anything, from renting a locker to having a special pass to renting out some space each month or year. Then, by combining these add-ons with the auto-renewal system, these extra perks are charged each month or year, even if the membership is not due.
What this allows you to do as keeper of all this invaluable data is to gather all charges for the members who are here to stay together, and organize them in one convenient step that’s easy to use. And let’s face it: people can get really picky about what they want and don’t want from the membership you offer. What the auto-renewal process gives you is more flexibility to charge any item that needs to be charged monthly. Not to mention you don’t have to remind yourself to charge people, nor do you have to keep track of that information on an individual basis, since the renewal is completed automatically. You can easily offer people the best of what a membership like yours includes while giving them the ease of keeping all that information together and automatically renewing. And since the charges are kept together, they may be more likely to select other add-ons. This then gives you some peace of mind that the information is all together, and the system practically runs itself, putting far less stress on your shoulders.