Benefits Of Setting Up Membership Portals

By Adam Scott Posted August 23, 2019
Adam Scott
Benefits Of Setting Up Membership Portals
One of the best ways of getting information to your members is by setting up a membership portal on your website. While many people believe that this is difficult, we offer a great service to make it easier for you to create this area. Because what information members will need will vary from organisation to organisation we work with you to create a custom portal that you’re happy with. Let’s take a closer look at some of the benefits you can get by establishing a membership portal on your website and what features the portal should include.
Let’s start by looking at how you can use this area to keep in touch with your members. These days it’s common for people to change email addresses, phone numbers and addresses. Having a place where they can go to update these details will make it easier for your organisation to stay in contact with them.
Another benefit is that it gives you a location where you can put all the information relevant to their membership. For example, you can create a calendar where you can list important upcoming events and member documents. Most of this information will be irrelevant to the public, so you don’t want it cluttering the public website.
You can also customise these web pages to suit the individual member. This ensures that you create the best possible experience for members. For example, you can make it easy for them to see their membership history and renew their membership. You can do a quick survey when they join your organisation to find out what caused them to become a member. Then you can customise their portal to show upcoming events that might interest them. For example, if they joined because they liked the community atmosphere, you might put links to forums on their portal. You might also be able to use this membership portal to help convince people to join your organisation.
While they might support your organisation, it can be difficult to convince people to register to become members. One of the biggest problems can be convincing people that will get value for money if they purchase a membership. You might decide to make some content that only members can access, using the membership portal. For example, you might have forums or livestreams that only members can view. This model has been used successfully by many online companies to get people to become members. How simple or complex you make the portal will depend on what type of organisation you are and how many members you have.
Your website should be used to help keep your members up-to-date with the latest information. Because it’s common for people to pay to become members it’s important that are satisfied with the treatment they receive. We looked at some of the features that you might like to include in your membership portal to provide a great service. So, create an exclusive area for members on your website today.