Event Registration

By Adam Scott Posted June 14, 2020
Adam Scott
Event Registration
At Findjoo, we know that busy organizations need the best tools to streamline the various aspects of their business. Creating an app like ours was important because we wanted to offer people a single, convenient place to get everything that they need for your business. You can not only manage your event registration with our app, you can get a lot of other features that can make your organization run more smoothly. Here is a look at our event registration feature, so that you can better understand why you need this tool for your organization.
What is Our Event Registration Feature?
With our event registration component, users are able to configure all of their events to meet the need of that specific event. Whether you want to set up an annual conference, online webinar, or drop-in event, this is the tool that you need to ensure everything is setup perfectly. You have unlimited ticketing options, meaning that you can choose exactly what you need for the specific event. Do you need early registration or want to limit the quantity of tickets? You can do whatever you need to make your event the perfect one.
Benefits of Our Event Registration
With our event registration component, you can either decide to embed the event directly on your site, or you can have it on its own page. You are able to set up all of the information on where the event it taking place, including adding in a Google map of the location. You can also add the register for other people and create an electronic ticket with a QR code for each of your events.
You can easily setup your events and may even find that your events are more successful thanks to our software. Our goal was to simplify the process so that you could just worry about organizing the best event possible. You can track everything that you need in order to run the event. Any management or tracking that is required is handled by our app. When it comes time for people to come to your event, they just need to show you their ticket on their phone, then you can scan it and check them in directly from our app. The goal was to simplify event registration and we have accomplished that here at Findjoo.
To Put it Simply, Our App Can Help By:
  • Allowing you to easily configure your event.
  • Create the perfect ticketing options for each individual event.
  • Embed the event on your page or its own standalone page.
  • Manage your event, including checking in guests.
There are a lot of things that go into creating the best events, so you already have plenty that you need to worry about. Let our app help make registering and managing your event a lot easier. Plus, you can take advantage of all of the other amazing tools that our app offers your organization. Let our app handle event registration and management so that you can focus on putting on valuable events that your clients are going to love.