Class Registration

By Adam Scott Posted October 25, 2020
Adam Scott
Class Registration
Do you have multiple classes that you need to manage? If you’ve had some headaches trying to manage everything on several different apps and software, you need a better solution. At Findjoo, we want to simplify organizations so that they can be as effective and efficient as possible. Our class registration tool is the easy to use and convenient solution that allows you a single place to go for your class registration needs. Learn more about our class registration tool.
All About Our Class Registration Module
This is a one-stop location for everything that you need to not only register classes but to manage them as well. You can start off by configuring all of your classes directly from Findjoo. One of the best features that we have is the ability to offer the same classes at different times with different teachers, without having to create multiple classes. You just need to setup one class and adjust it as needed. This makes setting up classes way more efficient.
You are also able to create drop-in classes or offer the ability to register for any sessions that you have setup. This allows you to limit attendance as well as track attendance and the history of your attendees. This is useful information that can help you improve your classes or focus on those classes that are more valuable to your organization.
How Our Class Registration Can Help You
Our class registration tool is here to help you be more efficient in not only setting up your classes, but to help manage them. Through our system, you can great these classes as well as issue your certificates for completion. This can make the process a lot easier for your organization, so that you can focus on continuing to offer amazing classes for your users.
One of the coolest features that this tool has is the ability to assign classes to teachers, so that they are able to only register people for their classes, without having to access or view anyone else’s classes. This means that you can stay focused on only your classes without having to sift through every class on the system.
Lastly, you can take advantage of our widget. This allows you to embed a calendar of classes directly on your website. Your students and potential students can see the latest information on all of the classes you are currently offering. It updates through our app and you don’t have to worry about making sure your data is correct on your site.
To Put it Simply, Class Registration Can:
  • Configure all classes directly in our system.
  • Create same classes with different teachers at different times.
  • Track and limit attendance as well as track history of attendees.
  • Teachers can only see their classes.
  • Grade papers and create certificates.
The goal of Findjoo is to make you more effective and efficient. That’s exactly what we do thanks to our class registration module. By being able to handle a lot of the management in one convenient location, you can focus more on creating great content for your classes than the administrative details.