Automated and Enhanced Receipts

By Adam Scott Posted September 12, 2022
Adam Scott
Automated and Enhanced Receipts
Automated and Enhanced Receipts
Receipts are the backbone of a strong business. They allow you to keep track of the sales you have made and what was purchased. This is a key part of monitoring the growth of your business. Plus, they are vital for the customer, allowing them to prove they made a purchase and exchange defective goods if needed. To help business owners with this aspect, we are introducing new tools. These are automated and enhanced receipts. Let’s take a closer look at what these are and how they can transform your business.
Enhanced Receipts
Enhanced receipts allow staff members more control. There are interactive fields that allow them to edit key parts of the receipt. Here are some examples of the types of changes that can be made:
  • Adding the last four digits of a credit card. This will allow you to identify the cardholder who made the purchase, without compromising customer security.
  • The subtotal. This is the amount that the customer was charged after any discounts were applied.
  • Refund information
These enhanced receipts can be stored digitally, allowing them to be emailed to the customer. Plus, you will be able to use this information to improve your business. For example, you can look at the reasons why a refund occurred, to see if there are common threads.
Automated Receipts
Sometimes, it can slip our mind to write a receipt, particularly for a digital transaction. To make sure that this doesn’t happen to you, we created automated receipts, in a PDF format. These will be automatically generated after a transaction.
The automated receipt should contain all the information a customer will need to know. If there are more details needed, they can be added to the email body. This ensures that your customers will always be getting excellent service.
Even better, this system will be easy for your staff to operate. These receipts can be automatically generated, so you won’t need to lift a finger.
Do Customers Prefer Physical Or Digital Receipts?
We have designed these systems to apply to digital receipts. This is because digital receipts are easier to customize than physical ones. Furthermore, this method is increasingly being preferred by customers. There are a few reasons for this.
First, digital receipts will be more environmentally beneficial. It’s estimated that producing paper receipts will require three million trees each year in the United States alone. Plus, most of the time, these receipts will be thrown straight into the bin. This exacerbates the landfill problem.
Secondly, it will be a lot easier for customers to access a digital receipt. If they ever need it, they will be able to search their emails. On the other hand, a paper receipt can easily be lost.
This type of account keeping also has some benefits for business owners. For example, you will automatically get a record of each sale you make. This can come in useful when verifying a transaction was made.
Receipts are essential for any type of business. But generating them can often be a hassle. That’s why we developed these new features. Most of the time, you can automatically generate a receipt. But if some extra detail is needed, you can enhance it and add the information. So, try this approach in your business to make sending receipts stress-free.